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It all started when...

in the basement of the New Castle Post Office in 1959 with a group of 4H Horse & Pony parents who wanted to improve the safety and quality of the 4H Horse Shows.  They had been showing in a rope arena behind the cattle barns.  The group donated their own funds and built the outdoor arena and some tie stalls.  Over the years, the saddle club began having breed shows to bring in revenue to improve and grow the facility without the use of county tax dollars.  Their vision and the many leaders over the years since then, have made Henry County Saddle Club one of the best show facilities in the Midwest.  From 2012-2017, Presidents Casey Gideon and Rebecca Baker have increased the revenue by 103% and have made $678,000 in improvements with little increase in operating expenses.   We applaud our present board for their continued vision in providing a high quality facility with many shows and educational opportunities at no cost to Henry County Saddle Club and 4H Horse & Pony Youth. 


Henry County Saddle Club Officers

and Board of Directors

Rebecca Baker ~ President ~ 765-524-2400

Lisa Pryor ~ Vice President ~ 765-524-9002

Allison Morton ~ Secretary ~ 765-524-8825

Emily Jackson ~ Treasurer ~ 765-465-1934

Gary Miller ~ Board of Directors ~ 2014-2017

Dr Jerrilee Cave ~ Board of Directors ~ 2014-2017

Jim Wicker ~ Board of Directors ~ 2015-2018

Christa Conway ~ Board of Directors ~ 2015-2018

Joy Miller ~ Board of Directors ~ 2016-2019

Jerilynn Canaday ~ Board of Directors ~ 2016-2019

Past President ~ Nancy Dietz